Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Power of The Past

"The future is uncertain but the past is certain" -- anonymous

I see lots of people become rich because of inventing new technology based on their new ideas. But the point is that it needs lot of work to make it get to the right track. So today, I will talk about the past. Some of you may ask me why the past? Many of you may be don't realize that today is made from the past. I mean, all the datas (we call it Big Data) comes from the past. Now you agree with me right?

So in the last 10 years, I see the significant improvement on remaking movies, games and toys. So here is the interesting part. Everybody love to remember the past because they enjoy the moment (happiness and sadness). That makes them feel really alive on that occasion because they are human. So that's why old games/movies/toys still have big value today (esp in auction). So there's nothing wrong with new ideas but old ideas still rocks!

Hope you will understood what I say today. Once again, "the future is uncertain but the past is certain and today is made from the past".


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