Sunday, December 25, 2016

How to improve Internet Search Engine (esp GOOGLE)?

This idea actually is kept in my mind for very long time and now I just remembered to put it out. OK, I'd like to ask many of you: "How many rubbish/garbage result do you get when you search on internet search enging ?" If many of you answers many then we have the same opinion.

1st, Well, in my humble opinion is: "Why not inventing valuation on every results in the search engine?" The easiest ways is by implementing appropriate/inappropriate feature on each result. So let's say we search for "how to be happy" and we click on one of the result and get the site that talk nonsense or not discussing how to be happy then we can mark this site as inappropriate. Then if we found that this site article is useful then we can mark appropriate. So the more appropraite mark the article gets then it will make the article goes up in the search result (thus affecting page rank).

This method will help other user not going into this same damn site again and also will help the other user know what useful article that other user find useful. I hope many internet search engine will create this feature soon. Why? Since creating blog/site is easy right now so there is tend to have many rubbish/garbage site. And we (as the user who search in search engine) like to get the right result, aren't we?

2nd, "Why not inventing blog/products search?" You know sometimes I get angry when I search something (usually information/blog) but all I found in the 1st place is Amazon/any other seller sites. What the heck!? Why GOOGLE don't implement blog or product/services on their toolbar below search box?

This will make the user can search more specifically. Also GOOGLE can implement newest entry. For eg. because I tend to learn programming then I tend to search for new tips/tricks so GOOGLE can implement newest entry toolbar on their toolbar. Newest entry means the newest post that talk about that specifit topic. For eg, if I type "JTable Java Tutorial" then GOOGLE should display the post with the newest date post (not the popular one). Also this can help newest post to gain recognition (so every blog/site can compete equally and if their posts is good then they can rank up).

3rd, by combining 1st and 2nd then GOOGLE will rule the world of information in no time. Also GOOGLE's missions are: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” So the key point is "useful" information and by implementing these features GOOGLE can make sure that the information that the people search is useful (not the rubbish one) and also up-to-date.

OK. I hope GOOGLE will be happy with my suggestions and they can contact me (for rewarding me some cash!). And finally happy xmas to GOOGLE. Hope this will be the best xmas present that I ever have to give to GOOGLE and thanks for helping me searching on the internet. Lastly please visit my blog for other ideas here.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Well, I will apologize for my bad English. But as long as you can understand what I write then it's OK, right?

Today, I will talk about how GOOGLE or other company can power up! The term of power up (it's actually my idea to coin 'power up') is to improve their power.

OK, let's start. As many of you know that GOOGLE is the giant behind the search engine. Today, search engine is not only valuable for the user (who use it) but also for the company (who serve/provide it). It's all about data mining. Yes, the company who provide the search engine will know the user behaviour. So how GOOGLE can power up (as the title post says)?

For me. It's from the big data that they collected. I prefer that they create survey company and everybody can join on it and get reward from it. So, instead of selling product, they can just selling the data for 3rd party. But many of you will say that it's violated the law. That's why I encourage GOOGLE to create survey site that everybody can join and get reward and they can just put in TOS that these surveys will be used by 3rd party.

But nobody will give it for free (esp the user who join the survey) and I agree with you. The easiest way to do is by providing premium services (or by adding several online feature) to the user who join the survey. It's not always about money but how to exchange happiness. So GOOGLE can sell the user behaviour data and the user get additional online feature from GOOGLE.

That just one idea. But I think there's many idea on how to start business from big data. So GOOGLE it's your turn to think the other idea.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Power of The Past

"The future is uncertain but the past is certain" -- anonymous

I see lots of people become rich because of inventing new technology based on their new ideas. But the point is that it needs lot of work to make it get to the right track. So today, I will talk about the past. Some of you may ask me why the past? Many of you may be don't realize that today is made from the past. I mean, all the datas (we call it Big Data) comes from the past. Now you agree with me right?

So in the last 10 years, I see the significant improvement on remaking movies, games and toys. So here is the interesting part. Everybody love to remember the past because they enjoy the moment (happiness and sadness). That makes them feel really alive on that occasion because they are human. So that's why old games/movies/toys still have big value today (esp in auction). So there's nothing wrong with new ideas but old ideas still rocks!

Hope you will understood what I say today. Once again, "the future is uncertain but the past is certain and today is made from the past".