Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My future Final Fantasy

Well, everybody knows about Final Fantasy franchise. Each episode with new story and character. Btw, I hope one day Square Enix will release an episode which tied all the episode. I mean they can create a story about parallel world where the hero journey one dimension to another dimension to collect things. It's cool you know to see our hero meet Squall (FF8), Cloud (FF7), Zidane (FF9), etc. So Square Enix please fullfil my wish.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My future Metal Gear Solid

When Konami 1st published Metal Gear Solid: Son's of Liberty (later they published Metal Gear Solid: Substance), I think they want to replace Snake role with Raiden. But they failed. What's wrong?

I think they didn't create good plot to implement that replacement. Because of that failure, Solid Snake must continue his journey until his death (may be).

Btw, here is my plot:
Solid Snake is a mentor of Raiden (or may be Snake's clone). He accompany Raiden into several missions. Because Snake is very old, now he is just accompany Raiden in the codec only (giving some advices).

I think Konami should consider my plot!

No song credit for the show

Recently, I watch TV show Take Me Out Indonesia. Sure, it was a great TV show. But one thing that bother me is that when the background song is played, there isn't any credit for the song (singer and the title of the song). I think they can expand their business by using RBT (Ring Back Tone) business to get more profit!

For example when the background song is Please Forgive Me-Bryan Adams, they can display this text on the screen:
Please type
Send to xxxx


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