Sunday, December 4, 2016


Well, I will apologize for my bad English. But as long as you can understand what I write then it's OK, right?

Today, I will talk about how GOOGLE or other company can power up! The term of power up (it's actually my idea to coin 'power up') is to improve their power.

OK, let's start. As many of you know that GOOGLE is the giant behind the search engine. Today, search engine is not only valuable for the user (who use it) but also for the company (who serve/provide it). It's all about data mining. Yes, the company who provide the search engine will know the user behaviour. So how GOOGLE can power up (as the title post says)?

For me. It's from the big data that they collected. I prefer that they create survey company and everybody can join on it and get reward from it. So, instead of selling product, they can just selling the data for 3rd party. But many of you will say that it's violated the law. That's why I encourage GOOGLE to create survey site that everybody can join and get reward and they can just put in TOS that these surveys will be used by 3rd party.

But nobody will give it for free (esp the user who join the survey) and I agree with you. The easiest way to do is by providing premium services (or by adding several online feature) to the user who join the survey. It's not always about money but how to exchange happiness. So GOOGLE can sell the user behaviour data and the user get additional online feature from GOOGLE.

That just one idea. But I think there's many idea on how to start business from big data. So GOOGLE it's your turn to think the other idea.


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