Sunday, August 16, 2015

Feedback? Is it Important or Not?

Well, if you asked me this question: "Is it important or not to mind feedback?" Then I will answer that it is the most important thing in the world of business. Many books told about the important of it but many companies deny/reject and never take it seriously. Why? May be because they are confident enough about their product that will satisfy all customers no matter what. But here I will tell you that they are REALLY WRONG.

Before we begin to identify the idea, we need to classify the feedback. Feedback can be negative (critizism, hate respond, etc) and positive (advise, suggestion, etc). But no matter what feedback we get that's what they think/feel about the product. And it's almost as pure as the baby opinion.

Now, let's look at this case:

In 2009, I applied for Adsense and get approved but because I'm lazy (and almost forgot) to maintain my site then in 2014, I just realized that my Adsense account get deactivated. I try to reactivate the account but unfortunately they (Google) didn't give me a chance to change my blog to monetize (yes, my proposed blog is suck). Then without any hope then I try to reactivate with my old blog and guess what happen? I get banned (without noticing that I've violated their SEO 2.0 property-TOS, Privacy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, About Us).

The only problem is that I can't apply for new Adsense using my actual identity (name, birth date, birth place) anymore since Google will (almost) reject it. So I think Google has make very big mistake about it because they limit the chance(s) of the user to get in touch with Adsense. Why? Because my blog mistake (didn't meet the SE0 2.0 property) then I got no chance for Adsense anymore (for my entire life). Of course, I can use my family identity but that's really annoying for me. And on the internet, I got news (true or not) why Google didn't open complaint for Adsense because their staff got annoyed and abused by the deactivated Adsense user.

So I suggest them (Google) to fix this problem by using these strategies:
1. They should allow the user to change the URL of monetization blog by limitating the amount of attempt. For eg, the user can only have 3 (three) chances to change their blog to monetize every 6 (six) month. Once the chances meet 3 (three) then there's no way the user can change his/her monetization blog anymore. You know the concept of 2nd (second) chances are you. You should apply it for this situation.
2. They should apply ban with their level of violations. For eg, if my blog contain porns then they can remind me. If I ignore them then they can delete my blog and if I continue to create the porn blog then they should terminate my account.
3. The most important thing to remember that how Google can monitor their loyal user. For me, I will treat my user who created the email account 5 (five) years ago differently then the user who created the email account 1 (one) month ago. So I will tend to respond to the 5 (five) years user then to the 1 (one) month user. That's how they (Google) can limit the qualify user by seeing their track records.
4. They should open an email complaint and even if that's hate mails then they should read it (but not respond it! because it's a wasting time to respond to anger). From many complaint mails, there should be several suggestion/advise mails and that's the most important thing. Because everyone can make any complaints but not everyone can make suggestions. They (Google) should give user who give best suggestion a reward though (may be $1,000 because suggestion is idea which is priceless).

Why Google should fix it?
1. They will miss the opportunity to get the good/very good/great blog to have their Ads on it.
2. Their competitors will take advantage of it by getting the good/very good/great blog to have their Ads on it.
3. For long term, it will hurts Google because many people who get rejected in Google Adsense will (probably) won't spend their money on placing Ads on Adsense (because of their disappointments on being rejected). You know, sometimes emotional takes the primary role on human decision. I will discuss this later on the later post.

OK, that's it for now. Next time I will cover more feedback cases. Hope you will enjoy this post. But to GOOGLE, I'm very sorry if my post offend you but that's just my humble opinion.

NOTE: This post is dedicated to someone in SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA who keeps visiting my blog. Without you I won't update this blog. Your visit reminds me that there's still people out there who wants to read and enjoys my post. Thanks to you pal. Your visit really encourages me to update this post.


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